Free Tool to import products from Aliexpress

Dropseek allows you to easily import products from Aliexpress directly into your Shopify store in one click.

Add Dropseek to shopify

Import products to your shopify with extension with one click.

Add products to your "Imoport List" directly from the  product page with the dropseek browser add-on.


Dropseek allows you to import Aliexpress or Shopify to your Shopify with the click of a button.

Import products from shopify

Easily import products from Aliexpress or Shopify directly into your shopify store.


Easily edit pricing, title, description, image, variant, tags and so on.

Automatic Currency Exchange

Recognize your default currency and convert your supplier's currency to yours automatic.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Ship products right to your customers. Just click "Order Product" and confirm. Fulfillment is then automatically handled by Dropseek.


Introduction of Dropseek

Dropseek is a free tool that focuses on the Shopify platform. It is a derivative of dropshipping mode, which is dedicated to solving the problems of users in the collection of commodity information and order processing.

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How to Use Dropseek

Before you begin the official functionality of dropsek, learn about the personalization of dropsek.

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How to import product

Dropseek supports importing products from Aliexpress, Shopify platform to your Shopify store

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Place AliExpress orders through Dropseek automatically

Before you begin the official functionality of dropsek, learn about the personalization of dropsek.

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  •   1-Click Import Products to Shopify.
  •   Product Customization- Edit Title, Description, Pricing, Tags, Product Types and more.
  •  Automatic Currency Exchange.
  •   Orders Auto-Fulfillment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which platform does dropseek support import products from?

A: Aliexpress, Shopify.If you want to support other platforms, you can contact us.

Q: Is there an easier way to import products?

A: You can install our Google extensions. Simply click on the dropseek button while browsing the product to import it successfully.

Q: What should I do if I want to change the overall commodity pricing rules? 

A: In the store settings, you can set your product pricing rules and compare at price pricing rules globally.

Q: What if I import the currency of the product and the currency of my shop is not the same?

A: If the currency of the store is different from the currency of the imported product, Dropseek will automatically convert the price of the currency of the commodity into the currency of the store currency according to the current exchange rate.

Q: Is Dropseek Only Available on Shopify?

A: Yes. Dropseek is an app which works exclusively on Shopify's platform. In light of this, you won't be able to use Dropseek on any standalone websites, or any other ecommerce platforms.

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